Enterprise Applications with MongoDB
700+ Implementations across 16 Countries and Counting...
Delivering Performance and Scalability by Integrating
Acquire Process and Enrich
Multi-channel & Variety of Data Sources for
Customer 360 degree view
Sales & Marketing Intelligence

MongoDB Consulting

Our MongoDB consultants ease your Big Data adoption with MongoDB architecture advisory, development, performance optimization and maintenance & support services.

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MongoDB Integration

We develop MongoDB solutions that integrate with enterprise technologies like Liferay, Drupal, Talend, Alfresco and more.

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MongoDB Support & Maintenance

Leverage our 24x7 DBA support and Maintenance service to keep your MongoDB deployment up-to-date and running.

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Our MongoDB Expertise

Making Data work with Open Source Technologies

CIGNEX Datamatics is MongoDB Advanced Partner and Global Reseller. CIGNEX Datamatics develops highly scalable customized solutions with MongoDB as a real-time data integration and analysis platform across all industries such as telecom, media, legal, high-tech, health and life sciences. CIGNEX Datamatics also offers services such as architecture design, cluster sizing, health checks, performance tuning & benchmarking and solution support & maintenance.

Since 2000, CIGNEX Datamatics has been Making Open Source Work® using open standards platforms and tools that integrate with existing systems to achieve unparalleled results and leveraging its Adopt-Open-Elevate ™ execution framework to mitigate any risk.

CIGNEX Datamatics is a partner to many Open Source technology products such as Liferay, Alfresco, Magento, ForgeRock, Talend, MongoDB, Cloudera Hadoop, MuleSoft, Acquia Drupal, and Ephesoft.

CIGNEX Datamatics is headquartered in Santa Clara, USA and has offices across 5 countries.

Panoramyx™ is the most powerful, flexible, and Open Source technology based framework that connects structured and unstructured data sources for real-time/batch for data management and analytics to empower timely, well-informed decision-making in operational environments.

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“Listen” to what’s being said about brand, service or company by millions of users online. The sentiment and trend analysis portal provides insights from unstructured social media sources for structured research needs.

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BIGArchive™ is an enterprise scale archival and retrieval solution that enables organizations to manage and curate their long-term storage requirements in the form of documents, emails, log files, web feeds, images, and videos

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CIGNEX Datamatics' "Reputation Management Platform" (RMP™ ) enables real time Online Review Monitoring of brands, products and company information allowing the company to make informed decisions, track competition products, handle, track & manage launch day sentiment, plan actionable campaigns & promotions and ultimately build a connection with existing and potential customers

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